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  • Expower Premium IPX5 Ultra Bright Portable Camping Lantern USB Lamp with Built-in Rechargeable 4400mAh Power Bank, 4 Light Modes, Max 185 Lumen and Collapsible Handle Suitable for Night fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Emergencies, Blackouts, Outdoor and Indoor
    Product Specs :
    NEVER LEFT WITHOUT POWER :The built in Power Bank with USB charge cable (included) charges phones, tablets, or any other handheld devices with universal micro-USB recharge option;
    SMART COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: :The easy On/Off operation by simply opening and closing the rechargeable lantern, 5inch height when collapsed ,light weight of only 14 ounces, easy for backpack;
    4 LIGHT MODES: : You will be pleasant surprised with this rechargeable lantern by unbox it and simply open the lantern to turn it on. Dimmer it by push the button for super bright (185 Lumens), regular bright, red, and red strobe;
    DUAL POWER TECHNOLOGY :2 lithium-ion batteries (included) and/or 3 AA alkaline batteries (also included) to power the lantern.
Expower Outdoor& Indoor lantern lamp:
Made up of a premium mix of hard plastic shell with a aluminum band in the middle, 15 white LED beads and 6 red LED beads, guarantee a life-span up to 100000 working hours.
Our material really different from others. Buy it, never disappointing you.
Four brightness modes
On the bottom of lamp built with a press button to choose brightness mode. Satisfy all your indoor or outdoor need.
IPX5 Waterproof
Withstand rugged travels even rainy days or harsh weathers, never be left in the dark place with being accompanied by expower lamp.
Power source, Light up and Charge up
---Power supplied by two dependable rechargeable 18650 lithium ion cells(2200mAH each, for a total of 4400mAH, which can also as emergency battery bank for mobile devices , tablets via the USB port.
---3 pieces of regular AA, be installed on the top lamp under a twist off lid, working as backup power when the two 1865 lithium ion cells run out.
---The lamp can also be powered via external power source through 5V Micro USB, connecting it to a powered wall outlet or power strip.
Please note that:
1.Please don't charge the lithium ion batteries without first removing the AA batteries first., which is disposable and un-rechargeable.
2.Please don't charge the lithium ion batteries until the power runs out totally. When the indicator shows red , it means the power is low, which reminds you should charge then. That will do good to battery life-span.
Indicator color:
On the bottom, there is a 2-1 button. When turned on for use, Blue color: Enough power; Red color: low power.
When being charged: blue color means charged fully; red color means under charging.
What contains in package?
1*Expower Camping lamp
2*Rechargeable 18650 lithium battery
1*USB Charging cable

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